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Amber Coppings Designs: Xmittens

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Cultivating a deep, everyday relationship with creativity is one of my deepest values.

Creativity is a catalyst that enables me to burst through perceived obstacles. It is the doorway and the windows and the tiny, hidden-in-plain-view openings to wonder and the pursuit of my own personal happiness…

In 2004, I started making Xmittens to keep warm in my cold studio. I had just graduated from college with an art degree, survived a terrible car accident and learned how to walk again. I was totally unsure of what to do next, so I concentrated on learning new skills in the realm that has always excited me most: textiles.

As I explored my textile passions, I realized that I could create a textile and apparel business that emphasizes eco-accountability, thoughtful design and material sourcing, creates well-fitting and durable items, and considers the body an exhibition space for functional art-to-wear. I thoroughly enjoy being an entrepreneur and find business to be a creative realm for the left side of my brain which balances the wild right side.

Not only is one of my purposes in life is by making actual objects, I also facilitate creativity in others by direct interactions in a class, in a volunteer art experiences, or by enabling another person’s innate creativity to flourish by being inspired by, being immersed in, or wearing one of my creations. Sometimes, I help facilitate creativity by revealing it as a driving force in my own life…as a real possibility and theme for a rich and authentic life.

I am honored to be a part of the POWER Collection! It is a revelation for me as an artist and small business owner to partner with an organization that offers services to a population that is often ignored. Not only that, but POWER empowers women to be the best version of themselves while maintaining their own inner strength with integrity and constancy. I hope I have captured some of that essence in my interpretation of the POWER sunflower on POWER Xmittens mittens, scarves and jackets and that this essence travels with you as you wear your items.

Xmittens are created using durable design techniques, as well as all made in the U.S. eco-friendly materials and supplies

Amber Coppings Designs have been featured on Pittsburgh Today Live, NBC LA, Time Out NY, American Craft and more.

Xmittens have been worn on former contestants of American Idol & America's Next Top Model and were included in American Music Awards 2009 gift bags

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