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Bbq Stu's was a strong name in the barbecue competition world until 2003 when Stu Wilson suffered a massive stroke. After months rehabilitation Stu attempted to compete again but realized it would too much of an effort to regain his position, so through a prophetic message Bbq Stu's barbecue sauces took root and have won numerous Regional, National, and International Awards. Stu has been a motivational speaker to other stroke victims and has been reviewed in countless media outlets. He says he gets his motivation from the friends and faith that he surrounds himself with.

BBQ Stu's original, award-winning sauces are fat free, gluten free, lower in both sodium and sugar: Bbq Stu's Original, Bbq Stu's Steel City Blast Furnace, Bbq Stu's Pennsylvania Gold, and Bbq Stu's Steel City Blast Furnace xx-tra hot!

Made in Pennsylvania!

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