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Local Goodness - Hawaii

Big Island Coffee Roasters grew from the belief that we should try everything at least once. So when the opportunity emerged to buy a small, run-down coffee farm in an unheard of coffee region of Hawai’i, we thought, “Why not?” 

As we got to know the local farmers and sampled coffees from around the Hawai'i Island, we were thrilled and delighted by the variety often overshadowed by Kona, however, the quality still needed some help. So we got a grant for coffee processing equipment and began roasting and consulting with local farmers. Soon enough, what began as a charming coffee farm in the rainy jungle town of Mountain View expanded to a craft roastery & processing facility for single estate Specialty Hawaiian coffees highlighting great coffees from lesser known regions.

What makes us different from the other coffees? 

  • Authentically artisanal: We are involved with every step of coffee production: farming, washing, milling, drying, grading, roasting, and packaging. There ain't many folks in Hawaii - let alone America - who can say that!
  •  Local: Our coffees are so local that they often travel only a few miles (or acres) to get to our roastery before they are shipped to you. Not even your local coffee shop can do that. 
  • Award-winning and trusted: Like good students, we test ourselves by routinely submitting our coffees to competitions and review boards. One of our coffee's score of 93/100 is among the top 10% of coffees ever submitted within Hawaii. 
  • Fresh: Every bag of coffee is roasted within 7 days of shipment. - Our Hawaiian coffees are unblended and single origin.


Once an anthurium nursery, our little farm has been shipping Hawaiian flowers since 1980. Thirty years later, we've continued the practice as it was passed down to us.  


We ship Hawaiian flowers to any U.S. location via 2Day FedEx. Within days of being harvested, the tropical flowers arrive at their final destination. With proper care, they are likely to stay vibrant for two weeks or more.

Flowers are cut on Saturday and Sunday mornings for super-fresh delivery!

Congratulations to Big Island Coffee Roasters who earned top score and Grand Championship in the 2013 Hawaii Coffee Association's statewide cupping competition!!

There were over 100 entries from all islands.  See the score sheet here!

I guess this means that Big Island Coffee Roasters grow, sell and roast the best coffee in Hawaii!!  Truly Local Goodness in a cup!!!

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