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Field Trip — Green Market at Union Square, NYC

Field Trip — Green Market at Union Square, NYC

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In the middle of Manhattan is a small but incredible farmers’ market that draws farmers, ranchers, and local food producers from a number of states around the area. Walking around on a rainy Saturday in mid-May I was like a kid in a candy store tasting (and in some cases buying) the few offerings of early spring! Fresh ramps from a father-daughter farming team, which I  took to a nearby Connecticut cheese maker’s stand who promptly wrapped the fresh ramp leaves around bites of his gorgeous cheese (obviously made from the milk of very happy grass fed cows!).  There was hand made and smoked garlic pheasant sausage. Fresh duck and pheasant eggs. Fresh goat cheese (from Lynne’s herd of happy goats). Fresh fish and seafood. Artisan maple products. Grass fed buffalo and lamb. Tiny spring greens (many of which I’d never known existed!). And you should have seen the potatoes!!! I couldn’t get over the variety of fingerlings. It was a feast for the eyes, and since I couldn’t easily keep the market’s goodies fresh in my hotel room I took loads of pictures instead.

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