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Crashing & Rebuilding …. during a pandemic!!

Crashing & Rebuilding …. during a pandemic!!

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Markets are open for the season!

Since we “opened the doors” of the Local Goodness® Marketplace in 2013, we’ve had an incredibly robust and solid e-commerce experience.  In late January 2021 we experienced an unexpected crash of the website, the reason has yet to be determined despite the valiant efforts of our web development and support team.

We built the Marketplace to connect buyers seeking the best of all things local to those who make it their life’s passion to deliver!  Our supplier partners over the years started small.  Many have grown and have continued to be a part of our marketplace, some have grown and prospered, opening new avenues for their products as they’ve scaled.

We remain dedicated to seeking out and connecting you to these amazing individuals across our country, their products and small businesses that represent all the best of all things local !

Until the Marketplace is back up and running, these links will connect you to those who’ve been with us throughout the years as well as others we continue to discover.   We encourage you to support them (and all local producers and artisans) through their online stores, other local retail locations, and of course farmers markets where you can always find a bounty of Local Goodness!


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