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Parma's Gigi Brand Prosciutto (1 pound, sliced)

Velvety proscuitto made with Berkshire Pork...taste the Gigi difference!



Parma Sausage Products, Inc.
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Gigi Brand Prosciutto made with pure premium Berkshire Pork is aged in-house 15-18 months, creating a mild, velvet texture, perfect on its own...or pair with cheese, figs, melon, or dates.

Bake proscuitto slices at 350° for a few minutes to crisp, then and crumble on salad, soup, over sautéed green beans or roasted brussels sprouts.

"We make Prosciutto, dry cured ham, the old-fashioned way with extra time, extra care and a commitment to the highest quality standards, "Luigi Spinabelli's way." We at Parma Sausage know about Prosciutto. Our family is from Ranzano, a region of Parma, Italy.

Using only select fresh Berkshire Pork hams, our Prosciutto are carefully monitored from the first salting to the end of the long aging process.

For authentic, old world Prosciutto, remember GIGI Brand Prosciutto, made by Parma Sausage in Pittsburgh, PA."

~Parma Sausage

Ingredients: Dry cured ham, aged with salt & time for 15 to 18 months

PACKAGING: 4 each 1/4-pound packages (total 1 pound), sliced thin

Why choose Berkshire Pork?

• Superior quality pork – tender, juicy, delicately marbled with fat
• Raised humanely without the use of sub therapeutic Hormones or Antibiotics in the feed
• Steady supply & Product Traceability
• Higher Quality Control
• High demand by Chefs and consumers

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