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Sweet & Sassy Pickled Peppers



Laurel Vista Farms
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Ken and Rick have come up with the perfect blend for their sweet banana, bell, and cubanelle peppers -pickled, with just a hint of heat. Starting out with a pleasant sweetness, these peppers end up giving you a little sass. Which reminded Ken and Rick of their wives. Thus inspired, they also came up with the perfect name for their creation: Sweet and Sassy

Ken & Rick’s Sweet & Sassy Pickled Peppers are a savory garnish with sandwiches, hors d’oeuvres, on burgers and hot dogs and add a delightful tang to salads, especially potato salad.

Ingredients: Sweet banana, bell, cubanelle peppers, sugar, apple cider vinegar, onions, garlic, pickling salt, cayenne, other hot peppers.

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