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La Dorita Dulce de Leche with Dark Chocolate (3 jars)

3 jars of our delicious Dulce de Leche with Dark Chocolate (or mix & match with our original Dulce de Leche!)



La Dorita Dulce de Leche
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We didn’t think our Dulce de Leche could get any better, but then dulce met chocolate, and not just any chocolate: Ghirardelli 100% all natural dark cocoa. It’s been magic ever since. Our all natural dark chocolate milk caramel spread is 100% preservative-free and has only four major ingredients: raw milk, sugar, 100% cocoa, and vanilla bean. For all of you chocolate lovers, our spread provides a healthy alternative to meet your chocolate fix for the day, and is a wonderful alternative to Nutella for anyone with nut allergies. Our handmade dark chocolate dulce de leche lends itself to endless recipes starting at the breakfast table and taking you through the rest of the day. Spread on toast, croissants...spoon over pancakes, waffles…for sweet bitefuls, tuck into crêpes, cakes, cookies…drizzle warm over your favorite ice cream…mix into mashed banana, yogurt, or hot oatmeal for a healthy baby treat…or simply grab an apple and dip away!

Grandma Dorita always worked with underprivileged children, and would often cook meals in a community kitchen to make sure they received a hot meal each day. In her honor, we are continuing to give back and fight hunger in our community.

As a "Give Local Goodness" product, La Dorita donates a portion of all Dulce de Leche sales to the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank.

Ingredients: - Milk, Sugar, 100% Natural Cocoa, Madagascar Vanilla Bean, Sodium Bicarbonate

gluten free, nut free; organic, local ingredients

Allergens: (e.g. – dairy, tree nuts, wheat, etc.) - dairy, chocolate

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