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Enon Valley Garlic

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214 Little Beaver Rd
Enon Valley , Pennsylvania 16120
United States


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Local Goodness Pennsylvania

Enon Valley Garlic was started by Ron and Rosemary Stidmon in 2003. Refugees from mid-town Manhattan, the tragedy of September 11th made a lasting impression on them and led to a reconsideration of their priorities. They decided that the "Green Acres" model, first portrayed by Oliver and Lisa Douglas in the iconic television show, was worth a try and Enon Valley Garlic is the result.

Enon Valley Garlic (EVG) is now a community of 5 families committed to producing great products using sustainable and environmentally conscious methods. Each family brings different skills and talents to the farm allowing EVG to expand their garlic varieties (currently 40) and garlic products.

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