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A pair of antique spats was the inspiration for this sports-meets-fashion-meets-function accessory.

The combination of a leg warmer that converts to a lap blanket, seat cushion and arm warmer is a result of an interior designer who turned to designing a fashion accessory. Loving fashion, design, and seeing a fun opportunity for people to wear something new to show support for what they love and care about were all inspirations for FAN REPS™.

As an Interior Designer, Gayle Manning has always loved to imagine unconventional uses for things. She collected more than her share of unusual items with the idea that they would someday "be transformed" to something entirely different. Such is the case with a pair of Civil War Spats she found in an antique store in California many years ago. Fast forward...attending a large sporting event Gayle noticed that there was a huge gap in the sports gear available for fans from the knees down & said to herself "It's time for Spats". FAN REPS, the combination of a leg warmer that converts to a lap blanket/seat cushion, is a result of her background in interiors & love for fashion.

"It's been fun designing FAN REPS so they can have everything from a spa feel, to hard core sports enthusiast, to a high fashion look,through the use of color & pattern . But the best thing about fan reps, it is that with them, we can "Rep" what we Love & Care About," says Gayle.

FAN REPS fit over shoes and boots, can be worn over jeans, leggings, socks — any leg wear — and can be worn with shorts, skirts or any outfit.

FAN REPS' versatile Zebra design was designed exclusively for the POWER Collection. You can personalize it with additional laces (lace version) and Fan Belts (both versions).

As an exclusive POWER Collection piece, 25% of every sale helps women reclaim their lives from the disease of addiction.

FAN REPS™ ... Patent Pending, Made in America!

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