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POWER of Loved Ones

POWER of Loved Ones -- EmPOWERment Pillows

What EmPOWERs you? Mix and Match the EmPOWERment pillows to reflect your own personal emPOWERment!



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POWER of Loved Ones EmPOWERment Pillows

Designed and sewn by Resident Artist, Amber Coppings

As I work with the women in the POWER art program, I realize more and more the power of love. The women are most inspired to create artwork inspired by the love for their children, or parents, or partners, or the next generation of women in the House, than any other inspiration. Once the women have a few art classes under their belts, they often share their newfound love of art with their children during visits. The POWER of love through art becomes a web of creative moments...each building a clearer road to recovery.

This design was created using the phrase "POWER of love" written out that was then translated into a new tessellated, geometric pattern. Such a fun process!

This textile design represents love, creativity, and family connections. Buy one or the pair to fill your home with my best wishes for loving, creative moments in your home. Thanks for supporting the POWER of Art program!

All proceeds from the EmPOWERment Collection go directly to help women reclaim their lives from the disease of addiction.

The pillows measure approximately 16” x16”. The cover is 100% cotton and sewn with durable polyester thread. Washable in cold water, tumble dry. Free Shipping. Pricing is per pillow.


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