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One-of-a-kind Fabric Wall Hanging derived from closed-eye doodling to music. A true conversation piece!




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Sherri Roberts creates one-of-a-kind, cartoon-style fabric "pictures" derived from her closed-eye doodling to music and inspired by the world around her. Using embroidery floss as a pallet of colors, instead of paint or pencil, Sherri's technique involves machine couching (zigzag stitching) to attach color strands to the fabric background. The result is a truly unique work of art and a real "conversation" piece!

This picture is part of a series called "SNAPSHOTS AND CONVERSATIONS."

7 1/2 in. width x 6 3/4 in. height

Silk base with embroidery floss. Polyester backing.

Ready for Hanging

Color Palate: light blue frame behind dark blue background

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As an exclusive POWER Collection piece, 25% of every sale helps women reclaim their lives from the disease of addiction.


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