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Local Goodness Utah

100% Natural Artisan Cheeses made from the milk of our own Brown Swiss cows.

About seven years ago, we found some beautiful acreage in the countryside of Woodland, Utah. A river runs beside the property. We had been searching for a piece of land to call our own for quite some time. The property had at one time been a dairy farm, but at the time of purchase, only held a run-down milk barn and an open-air hay structure. We renovated those structures and added a new barn, which is now home to Gold Creek Farms cheese-making facility where we keep our production low to ensure the craftsmanship of our cheeses.

We were fortunate enough to meet Fernando Chavez, a chef, who was looking for a new opportunity. He joined us as our cheese maker. He continues to amaze us with his delicious cheeses that get rave reviews from anyone who tries them. Fernando has managed to garner 11 awards in the brief time GCF's aged cheeses have been available for sale!

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