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Alaska Pure Sea Salt Co.
Local Goodness Alaska Wild Place - Pure Taste An unattended pot of sea water on the wood stove of a remote seaside cabin in Southeast Alaska was the beginning of both our honeymoon and the Alaska Pure Sea Salt Co. The accidental discovery of salt making led us into a new life of culinary discovery and a passion for natural foods. We experimented for years with different salt making techniques until we were certain that we could offer a salt that is representative of Alaska's pristine water and astounding beauty. The appearance of our salt is often compared to fresh fallen snow while the taste is clean with no bitterness. We continue to return to that same cabin every year and let the quiet beauty recharge our passion for wild places, the pure Alaskan water, the art of salt making, and of course, each other. Alaska Pure is the first flake salt made in North America. We use only sea water with no additives or bleaching agents to make our flake salt. Alder Wood... More

Amber Coppings Designs: Xmittens
Local Goodness Pennsylvania Cultivating a deep, everyday relationship with creativity is one of my deepest values. Creativity is a catalyst that enables me to burst through perceived obstacles. It is the doorway and the windows and the tiny, hidden-in-plain-view openings to wonder and the pursuit of my own personal happiness… In 2004, I started making Xmittens to keep warm in my cold studio. I had just graduated from college with an art degree, survived a terrible car accident and learned how to walk again. I was totally unsure of what to do next, so I concentrated on learning new skills in the realm that has always excited me most: textiles. As I explored my textile passions, I realized that I could create a textile and apparel business that emphasizes eco-accountability, thoughtful design and material sourcing, creates well-fitting and durable items, and considers the body an exhibition space for functional art-to-wear. I thoroughly enjoy... More

BBQ Stu's
Bbq Stu's was a strong name in the barbecue competition world until 2003 when Stu Wilson suffered a massive stroke. After months rehabilitation Stu attempted to compete again but realized it would too much of an effort to regain his position, so through a prophetic message Bbq Stu's barbecue sauces took root and have won numerous Regional, National, and International Awards. Stu has been a motivational speaker to other stroke victims and has been reviewed in countless media outlets. He says he gets his motivation from the friends and faith that he surrounds himself with. BBQ Stu's original, award-winning sauces are fat free, gluten free, lower in both sodium and sugar: Bbq Stu's Original, Bbq Stu's Steel City Blast Furnace, Bbq Stu's Pennsylvania Gold, and Bbq Stu's Steel City Blast Furnace xx-tra hot! Made in Pennsylvania!

Caesar's Designs Fine Jewelry Creations
Local Goodness - Pennsylvania It seems that Caesar Azzam was destined to be a jeweler. As a young boy, Caesar spent countless hours in his father’s jewelry store helping customers and assisting his father in the business.  After earning a Bachelor’s degree in international economics and a Graduate Gemologist degree from the Gemological Institute of America, Caesar began designing his own jewelry.  When Caesar combined what his father taught him, his formal education in gemology, and his own distinctive and contemporary flair, the results were quite extraordinary. Caesar’s jewelry was nothing like what his father made; rather, his work spoke of an elegant simplicity that emphasized bold, clean lines and the natural beauty of colorful gemstones. After working for a fine jewelry manufacturer in the Los Angeles jewelry district, Caesar held several positions in jewelry retail in California. Creating jewelry was always his passion, but it wasn't until 1998 that he decided to develop his own... More

Crested Duck Charcuterie
Local Goodness Pennsylvania "Once we found our producers we chose to make unique charcuterie in place of more traditional cured meats...offering unique products and a number of items you will find nowhere else!" ~Kevin, Chef & Owner at Crested Duck Charcuterie Our small group of family and friends came together with a love of great food and the vision to provide extraordinary locally sourced meats and other deli goods to the Pittsburgh area. Combining the feel of a small neighborhood market with the selections of traditional European craft foods, we bring you The Crested Duck Charcuterie. Our team at The Crested Duck provides delicatessen style creations that elevate traditional butcher shop fare to new heights. We provide fresh, farm raised meats including elk, duck, rabbit, goat and more. In addition, we are offering an exciting array of creations including pates, terrines, salamis, prosciuttos, cheeses and more. Utilizing traditional methods for preparing... More

Enon Valley Garlic
Local Goodness Pennsylvania Enon Valley Garlic was started by Ron and Rosemary Stidmon in 2003. Refugees from mid-town Manhattan, the tragedy of September 11th made a lasting impression on them and led to a reconsideration of their priorities. They decided that the "Green Acres" model, first portrayed by Oliver and Lisa Douglas in the iconic television show, was worth a try and Enon Valley Garlic is the result. Enon Valley Garlic (EVG) is now a community of 5 families committed to producing great products using sustainable and environmentally conscious methods. Each family brings different skills and talents to the farm allowing EVG to expand their garlic varieties (currently 40) and garlic products.

A pair of antique spats was the inspiration for this sports-meets-fashion-meets-function accessory. The combination of a leg warmer that converts to a lap blanket, seat cushion and arm warmer is a result of an interior designer who turned to designing a fashion accessory. Loving fashion, design, and seeing a fun opportunity for people to wear something new to show support for what they love and care about were all inspirations for FAN REPS™. As an Interior Designer, Gayle Manning has always loved to imagine unconventional uses for things. She collected more than her share of unusual items with the idea that they would someday "be transformed" to something entirely different. Such is the case with a pair of Civil War Spats she found in an antique store in California many years ago. Fast forward...a ttending a large sporting event Gayle noticed that there was a huge gap in the sports gear available for fans from the knees down & said to herself... More

GIVE Local Goodness
At Local Goodness, we are committed to supporting local communities...and those organizations that help to strengthen them.   We have two ways to help accomplish this.  The first is through our Give Local Goodness products  where you not only find fabulous exclusive products by local artists and food producers, but you also know that a portion of the proceeds from these items go to support local nonprofit organizations within their communities. Additionally, at checkout you have the opportunity to support a rotating collection of causes and organizations that are near and dear to our hearts and those of the farms, producers and artisans who are a part of the Local Goodness family...all working to strengthen local communities across our country and the people who live in them. Thank you for helping to Give Local!  Together we know we can all make a diffference.

Gold Creek Farms
Local Goodness Utah 100% Natural Artisan Cheeses made from the milk of our own Brown Swiss cows. About seven years ago, we found some beautiful acreage in the countryside of Woodland, Utah. A river runs beside the property. We had been searching for a piece of land to call our own for quite some time. The property had at one time been a dairy farm, but at the time of purchase, only held a run-down milk barn and an open-air hay structure. We renovated those structures and added a new barn, which is now home to Gold Creek Farms cheese-making facility where we keep our production low to ensure the craftsmanship of our cheeses. We were fortunate enough to meet Fernando Chavez, a chef, who was looking for a new opportunity. He joined us as our cheese maker. He continues to amaze us with his delicious cheeses that get rave reviews from anyone who tries them. Fernando has managed to garner 11 awards in the brief time GCF's aged cheeses have been available for sale!... More

Goot Essa
Local Goodness Pennsylvania "We are very proud of our handmade cheeses, from the care of our animals and land to the high quality of our products...This is a way of life we are trying to protect with the sale of our cheeses!" Goot Essa (meaning Good Food in Pennsylvania Dutch) is a cooperative of Plain Pennsylvania dairy farmers located in Central PA just outside of State College. This group banded together 2001 to sell milk and cheeses so they could get better returns on their milk prices. Quite simply, Goot Essa represents a group of five families trying to stay on their small farms and are willing to work hard to do so. "We have chosen to work our fields in the traditional way. Our farms are small, but each acre and each animal is cared for with love and respect for the ways of nature. Ours are true family farms where each member of the family has chores and contributes to the good of the farm and the community." Milk from Goot Essa farms are... More

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