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Horner Pens
Local Goodness - Pennsylvania Hi!  My name is Richard Horner.  I am from Rimersburg Pennsylvania and have been working with wood since I graduated from Union High School in 1979. My first job was at a saw mill where we cut and dried rough lumber. My next job working with wood lasted 19 ½ years at Crawford Furniture Mfg in New Bethlehem Pa. where I received all my knowledge of wood and wood working machinery.  The machine I enjoyed the most to operate was the wood lathe. Turning bed posts, bed spindles and table legs.  This was on a massive scale to what I do now on a small lathe in my shop.  My next career move took me in a totally different direction. I left the furniture plant and went to work for Pepsi-Cola.   After 12 years I still longed for the woodworking . While browsing the Internet,  I ran across small lathes designed to turn smaller items, such as one-of-a-kind writing instruments. The results were beautiful - made from all... More

Kings Pearl Cheese
Local Goodness Pennsylvania Kings Pearl Cheese, originally created in 1910, by Pearl King while she worked as a caretaker for a family in New York City. In 2015, Grandson and Great Grandson, Michael and Daniel, decided to bring Pearl's creation to the public. Paying homage to her, they named it Kings Pearl Cheese. Deriving from an ancient Roman process of cheese making, every ball of Kings Pearl Cheese is handcrafted with love and pride in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Healthy, delicious, and versatile, Kings Pearl cheese can be added to any of your favorite dishes. Salads, soups, pasta, pizza, desserts, fruits, vegetables, even paired with chocolates. Add your favorite oil, mix and enjoy with your favorite bread or cracker as a snack. Just remember, "Have A Ball Today"!!!!!

La Dorita Dulce de Leche
Local Goodness - Pennsylvania Our homemade dulce de leche (duel-say ● day ● lay-chay) is an all natural, preservative free, milk spread conceived in Argentina, but made in the USA. We start with top quality raw materials, including fresh-from-the-farm milk provided by local creameries that promise to only produce antibiotic-free milk. Our dulce de leche is only made in small batches. We never compromise quality. The finished product has an exclusive flavor that is irresistibly smooth and creamy—it’s simply dulce delicious! On behalf of my Grandma Dorita and my mom, Poupée, I hope you enjoy our dulce de leche as much as we do. Thanks from all of us at La Dorita! La Dorita’s strength lies in its authenticity—it is an Argentine product produced locally with Pennsylvania and US grown products by, Josephine, an Argentine-American who soaked in her Grandma’s love for the kitchen as a child. She has been creating her homemade dulce de leche, using a recipe passed... More

Laurel Vista Farms
Local Goodness - Pennsylvania Laurel Vista Farms began as a vision developed by Ken & Rick relaxing at their getaway in the Laurel Highlands one winter holiday. At the time, Ken was working as the supervisory electrician for construction jobs and Rick was working as a consultant after a career in state government. Both expressed their love of the Laurel Highlands and their desire to live and work there. They decided to look for a farm where they could both live and work, and the following weekend were touring Somerset County looking at farms for sale. They found a beautiful farm with a stunning view of the Laurel Ridge and named it on sight: Laurel Vista. By spring, the deal was closed and Ken and his wife Marian were moved in and operating a farm that grew potatoes for the local potato chip factory. As time went by, in response to increased interest and demand for fresh local produce, Ken & Rick added production of other vegetables and changed focus to consumers rather than... More

Local Goodness - Pennsylvania "I grew up watching my mom Carmela create and sew special and beautiful things for my sister and I. She taught me how to sew at the age of ten. Since then, fabric has become my canvas of choice. I've created and designed home décor items, dance costumes and kids' accessories. I began designing small handbags in 2012. Being a minimalist, I needed a fashionable and functional handbag that could carry all the essentials---- cell phone, credit cards, cash, ID, lipstick and keys." ~Lina Vetter Lina's TalkAndTextBag fills this need. A unique aspect about this bag is that the cell phone is fully functional from within the clear pocket. Yep! Never drop your phone can talk, text and browse with your phone safely tucked in the side pocket. Plus, with the LinaBag you never need to reach into your big bag again to since all the essentials fit into one little bag!

Mis' Rubin's
Local Goodness - Alabama We have satisfied our loyal customers with unique fine spice and herb blends for 80 years! In 2015, Mis' Rubin's was named to Taste of the South Magazine's "Taste 50" List of the Best in Southern Foods! In the early 1920's, Rubin Hanan emigrated from Greece to pursue the American dream. He settled in the southern town of Montgomery, Alabama and opened a corner grocery store in 1935. Rubin ran a fine store with a focus on quality meats and customer satisfaction. His store was well received, but there was something in particular that was creating a buzz among the locals. All the talk wasn't about Mr. Hanan or his choice cuts. The people were talking about his wife, Mis' Rubin, as she was called, and her delicious seasonings. The popularity of Mis' Rubin's Seasonings spread throughout the region and they became kitchen essentials to many devoted customers. Our Black and White Magic Seasonings... More

On The Rocks Designs
Local Goodness Pennsylvania A native of New Castle, PA, Lisa studied jewelry-making for four years in high school and graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 1994 with a BA in Studio Arts & Fine Arts. Post graduation she spent many years working in pre-press, typography, and graphic design. After moving to Virginia in 2002 and then returning to Pittsburgh in 2006 to be closer to family, she discovered that her passion was really jewelry design. She especially enjoys the fluidity and variety of techniques allowed by Lost Wax Casting to create unique designs which are not typical of metal, making each piece as individual as the person wearing it. In addition to casting, Lisa also uses techniques such as fabrication, anodization, and incorporates stones and beads into necklace and earring designs. Her cast pieces are inspired by the organic nature of the wax and the natural beauty of the stones she uses, while her fabricated pieces are inspired by her background in graphic design.... More

Parma Sausage Products, Inc.
Local Goodness - Pennsylvania Producing quality Italian meats since 1954 in the Historic Strip District of Pittsburgh   Originating from Parma, Italy over 60 years ago, we have been producing the highest quality Italian meats, such as Prosciutto, Salami, Capicollo, and much more. Our facility is located in the Historic Strip District of Pittsburgh.   Our custom built aging rooms house, on rotation each year, over 70,000 pieces of Salami, 3,000 pieces of Prosciutto and daily we produce hundreds of pounds of fresh and cooked sausages. As much as that sounds, we still make everything in small batches by only a handful of skilled employees. We continue to use the recipes and techniques of the dry curing, cooking and fresh sausage production that have been handed down through our family for four generations. We use only the highest quality ingredients starting with fresh pork, fresh spices and most importantly time and care.  All of our products have to pass our taste... More

Rachel's Cure by Design
Local Goodness - Pennsylvania Rachel's Cure by Design (RCBD) was founded in Pittsburgh by Rachel Tobin after she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 12. Rachel, now 21, began designing and selling jewelry as a way to donate a portion of the proceeds to JDRF (formerly known as Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation). She started making beaded bracelets and selling them to friends and family. She thought she would maybe raise $100 - $200 for JDRF. Her designs took off and have become more popular than Rachel could have ever imagined. To date, she has donated over $65,000 and offers more than 150 styles to choose from.. RCBD is now partnered with close to 20 organizations helping them to raise money for their specific causes, in addition to JDRF. Today Rachel is a pre med student at Emory University and studying to take her MCAT exam. While in school, she is working in a breast cancer research lab, and has also worked in the diabetes research lab at Children's... More

Riverside Design Group + Plates With Purpose™
Local Goodness - Pennsylvania Riverside designs - feed your creativity with design that makes a difference!  Riverside Design Group is a tabletop design business with a passion for style and a commitment to service. We are dedicated to being innovative, supportive of our community, and sensitive to the environment. Our efforts include operating out of an energy efficient LEED certified building, using recyclable and sustainable materials including glass with recycled content, and using light-weight recycled shipping materials to keep our carbon footprint low. As a part of our commitment to community service and support, we developed Plates With Purpose™, a line of plates that raises funds to support vital non-profit community organizations. Our Plates With Purpose™ concept was founded by Mary Irwin-Scott. Beginning with a single design by artist Cassandra Ott in 2004 (the Butterfly), the... More

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