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Local Goodness - Pennsylvania Pittsburgh based artist Keith Schmiedlin is known for using bold solid colors and gestural line to paint subject matter ranging from flower motifs to WWII fighter war birds. Schmiedlin attended CAPA (Creative and Performing Arts) High School and then went off to get a bachelors degree in Graphic Design at LaRoche College. He currently works fulltime as a fine artist and runs his own business, Schmiedlin Designs. His paintings are in many private collections throughout the country and he is attracting the attention of public outlets in Pittsburgh. He currently has paintings on display at Children’s Hospital, Animal Friends, Vanilla Pastry Studio, MauraMori Cafe’, The Sewickley Gallery & Frame shop, and the Pittsburgh Zoo.

Sherri Roberts/Galil Threadworks
Local Goodness Pennsylvania I sell one-of-a-kind cartoon wall hangings, which are my response to the world around me, using embroidery floss as my pallet of colors, instead of paint or pencil. Each picture is machine couched (attached by a zig-zag stitch) onto a background made of silk. Sometimes beading or embroidery helps flesh out the picture. I have been having fun creating art since 1986, after 3 years overseas. Closed-eyed doodles morph into characters to populate my Sunday-funnies style pictures. Popular songs, obscure poems, and inspiring books trigger pages worth of cartoons, which get turned into combinations of fabric and paper vignettes. The themes usually highlight self-discovery and the subsequent clawing our way toward positive outlooks and behaviors. Often a most challenging process for each of us. As a kid, my imagination was captured by fantasy and fiction. I relished hunkering down under the covers at night, flipping comic book pages or focusing on THE LION, THE... More

Studio Glass Company
Local Goodness Pittsburgh Daniel Buchanan became a member of the Local Goodness artisan family when he created his first gorgeous pieces for our new Mansions Collection. We were drawn to his intense, intricate, gorgeous (yet functional) kilnformed glass items and are thrilled to tell his story and share his talent with you. "I lived in the American Southwest in my early 20s, and there I discovered glass as a studio art in the hot shops of Santa Fe, NM. I knew that I was hooked almost from the moment I drew my first gather of molten glass. I completed several years of apprenticeship in Santa Fe and then decided to expand my intellectual and creative education in Fine Arts in the glass sculpture program at Tulane University in New Orleans. Unfortunately, Hurricane Katrina abruptly ended my career at Tulane. However, I was fortunate enough to relocate to Pittsburgh and earn my BFA at Carnegie Mellon University in 2008. Pittsburgh’s manufacturing history and tradition of... More

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