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Local Goodness - Pennsylvania

Our homemade dulce de leche (duel-say ● day ● lay-chay) is an all natural, preservative free, milk spread conceived in Argentina, but made in the USA. We start with top quality raw materials, including fresh-from-the-farm milk provided by local creameries that promise to only produce antibiotic-free milk. Our dulce de leche is only made in small batches. We never compromise quality. The finished product has an exclusive flavor that is irresistibly smooth and creamy—it’s simply dulce delicious! On behalf of my Grandma Dorita and my mom, Poupée, I hope you enjoy our dulce de leche as much as we do.

Thanks from all of us at La Dorita!

La Dorita’s strength lies in its authenticity—it is an Argentine product produced locally with Pennsylvania and US grown products by, Josephine, an Argentine-American who soaked in her Grandma’s love for the kitchen as a child. She has been creating her homemade dulce de leche, using a recipe passed down to her from Grandma Dorita, who lives in La Plata, Argentina, for several years now. Grandma Dorita spent hours in the kitchen. She loved cooking for Josephine and her five brothers and sisters when visiting from Argentina. Josephine loved being in the kitchen with her. Some of her fondest memories are of spending hours kneading dough, rolling out homemade gnocchi, and making homemade cakes and desserts with her. She taught Josephine how to cook, but never allowed her to write down one single recipe. Now she feeds her four boys with the same care and dedication that Grandma Dorita showed Josephine and her family when growing up. Grandma Dorita turned 90 on September 25, 2009. In honor of her birthday, Josephine decided to bottle her up, along with the delicious experiences she has shared with her, and share her Argentine Grandma with families, friends and gourmet connoisseurs who still long to make every meal special. La Dorita dulce de leche offers a simple, daily food alternative made from the freshest local ingredients available that Grandmother Dorita raised her 13 grandchildren on. At La Dorita will never compromise quality, which is why our dulce de leche does not contain chemical additives, preservatives, glucose syrup, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), thickeners, flavorings, etc, in its making, unlike the majority of the foreign competitors. We promise you one thing: Our dulce de leche will make you appear to be a gourmet foodie—regardless of your level of skill in the kitchen. La Dorita dulce de leche lends itself to endless recipes, at the breakfast table, lunch table, dinner table, dessert table—even at the hors d'oeuvre and cocktail tables! Our dulce de leche constantly challenges us to come up with creative ways to use it. We love hearing from our customers about new recipes and ways to use dulce de leche that they have come up with!

Grandma Dorita always worked with underprivileged children, and would often cook meals in a community kitchen to make sure they received a hot meal each day.  In her honor, we are continuing to give back and fight hunger in our community. 

As a "Give Local Goodness" product, La Dorita donates a portion of all Dulce de Leche sales to the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank.

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