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Somerset , Pennsylvania 15501
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Local Goodness - Pennsylvania

Laurel Vista Farms began as a vision developed by Ken & Rick relaxing at their getaway in the Laurel Highlands one winter holiday. At the time, Ken was working as the supervisory electrician for construction jobs and Rick was working as a consultant after a career in state government. Both expressed their love of the Laurel Highlands and their desire to live and work there.

They decided to look for a farm where they could both live and work, and the following weekend were touring Somerset County looking at farms for sale. They found a beautiful farm with a stunning view of the Laurel Ridge and named it on sight: Laurel Vista.

By spring, the deal was closed and Ken and his wife Marian were moved in and operating a farm that grew potatoes for the local potato chip factory. As time went by, in response to increased interest and demand for fresh local produce, Ken & Rick added production of other vegetables and changed focus to consumers rather than processors. The idea of having products available year round was a natural progression in this process and led to their development of "Local Produce in a Jar (tm)."

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