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"I grew up watching my mom Carmela create and sew special and beautiful things for my sister and I. She taught me how to sew at the age of ten. Since then, fabric has become my canvas of choice. I've created and designed home décor items, dance costumes and kids' accessories. I began designing small handbags in 2012. Being a minimalist, I needed a fashionable and functional handbag that could carry all the essentials---- cell phone, credit cards, cash, ID, lipstick and keys." ~Lina Vetter

Lina's TalkAndTextBag fills this need. A unique aspect about this bag is that the cell phone is fully functional from within the clear pocket. Yep! Never drop your phone can talk, text and browse with your phone safely tucked in the side pocket. Plus, with the LinaBag you never need to reach into your big bag again to since all the essentials fit into one little bag!

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