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Baby Pinecone Pen

Handcrafted Pen - Baby Pine Cones in Acrylic

Make a statement with this gorgeous, hand turned pen made from baby cypress pinecones embedded in blue acrylic. A true one-of-a-kind! Fountain Pen or Rollerball option available.



Horner Pens
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This stunning pen is crafted with baby cypress pine cones cast in blue acrylic, then turned a lathe revealing the cross cut view of a pine cone. As in nature, and with all pens handcrafted by Rich Horner, this is a definate one-of-a kind work.

Assembled with Rhodium plated metal components.

Available as a Fountain Pen (as pictured) or Rollerball.

  • The fountain pen nib is made by Book and is a steel shank 24k gold with an iridium tip. Fountain pen is sold with 5 preloaded cartridges and a Schmidt pump for bottled ink to be used.
  • The rollerball option comes with an extra Schmidt Ceramic rollerball refill.

A free gift box and case included.

In a unique process, pine cones are mixed the liquid acrylic and placed in a vacuum chaber to remove any air bubbles and air pockets. After the acrylic hardens it is drilled for brass tubes and hand turned. After turning, the body is completed with 6-8 layers of finish and sanded from 320 to 12000 grit paper, resulting in its gorgeous finish.


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