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One-of-a kind Betty Boop Pen

Handcrafted Steampunk Betty Boop Pen

Hours of bending and positioning the parts are spent to make this unique piece. The ultimate Steampunk or Betty Boop collector piece.



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Minimum quantity for "Handcrafted Steampunk Betty Boop Pen" is 1.

This amazing one-of-a-kind Steampunk pen is made from genuine watch parts removed from old pocket and wrist watches then individually bent and attached to a carbon fiber covered tube and cast in a clear acrylic resin. The pen body features over 125 gears hammers, pins and plates. The cap includes the face and parts from a Betty Boop watch.

Available as a Fountain Pen (as pictured) or Rollerball.

  • The fountain pen nib is made by Book and is a steel shank 24k gold with an iridium tip. Fountain pen is sold with 5 preloaded cartridges and a Schmidt pump for bottled ink to be used.
  • The rollerball option comes with an extra Schmidt Ceramic rollerball refill.

A free gift box and case included.

Items related to infernal machines, alchemical contraptions, and clockwork beasts make up just a small category of steampunk categories.


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