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Supplier Partner FAQ's

What IS a “supplier partner”?

Local Goodness Marketplace supplier partners are family farms, small food producers and independent artisans who are seeking a robust yet specialized online presence with other quality producers and their products. We call you our “partners” because we work together to make the marketplace successful for you and the customers who wish to “buy local.”

How are supplier partners chosen?

The selection process is based on five things:

  • Quality and uniqueness of the product
  • Appeal of the story behind the product
  • Authenticity and sustainability of how the product is made
  • Overall product fit within the overall Marketplace community
  • Ability of the producer to provide an outstanding customer experience

How are specific products from supplier partners chosen?

Local Goodness staff and their product category experts will choose those products with high consumer appeal that are “best of breed” and fill a gap in the Local Goodness overall offering.

What are the responsibilities of a supplier partner?

Local Goodness hosts, maintains, markets and continuously improves the marketplace to showcase and actively work to open markets and bring new customers to our supplier partners.

Our supplier partners, in turn, work with Local Goodness to offer unique, world-class quality products, provide excellent customer service, maintain accurate inventory/availability information on the site, pack and ship products to customers and help spread the word about the Local Goodness Marketplace and their involvement to their contacts.

How is this “local” if supplier partners aren’t close to consumers who are ordering?

The Local Goodness Marketplace is redefining the meaning of buying local. It’s about supporting those small farmers, producers and artisans that are vital to their local economies. The more we support and buy from them, the more we can strengthen these local communities... all across our great country.

Aren’t there a lot of organizations doing this already?

No, not really. There are many directory-based sites to find local food producers and crafters, hundreds of online gourmet food markets and “specialty shops”, a growing number of single market CSA model “home delivery” start up’s and online sources for locally-raised food. However, none combine a curated selection of local food AND lifestyle products, celebrating the people behind the products, creating connections and bringing a world-class marketing effort to drive awareness and sales.

What are the costs to be a supplier partner?

Nothing. There are no fees to become a supplier partner or have your products a part of the marketplace. The only cost to a supplier partner is once a product has sold when Local Goodness receives a small share of the purchase price.

Local Goodness does ask prospective food supplier partners to provide a few samples of their products for evaluation, and if selected, professional photography and recipe development. Nonfood suppliers may be asked to send a sample, if appropriate, for the selection process and if selected for professional photography as necessary (nonfood samples will be returned).

Can I still sell Local Goodness Marketplace chosen products on my own website?

Absolutely! In fact, if you want to avoid the cost and time commitment of maintaining your own e-commerce effort, Local Goodness could be an option for you to replace it.

Can I still sell Local Goodness Marketplace chosen products at my location/farmer’s markets/art fairs/CSA’s?

Absolutely! In fact we encourage supplier partners who attend farmer’s markets/art fairs to promote Local Goodness as a convenient access tool for consumers so they may buy products when these markets are not in operation or supplier partners are not in attendance.

Can I still sell Local Goodness chosen products through other websites other than my own?

No. Given the investment Local Goodness is making in marketing its supplier partners and their products and without charging any fees for participation/listing, we respectfully ask that supplier partners do not sell items selected for Local Goodness through other online venues other than their own website.

How are prices set on Local Goodness Marketplace?

The supplier partners set their own retail prices. We do require that the price on Local Goodness be no higher than the online retail price on your website.

Does Local Goodness hold inventory of my product(s)?

No. All inventory remains with the supplier partner or their 3rd party logistics provider.

If I am chosen to participate, what do I need to provide to Local Goodness?

You will be asked to complete a Product Application that details what information Local Goodness needs to tell your story and present your product(s) to customers.

What support will I receive from Local Goodness?

A professionally developed website with complete e-commerce capability, training on how to use it, a multi-faceted marketing plan to drive awareness and sales, and on-going support for how to be successful through Local Goodness.

What support I am expected to provide to Local Goodness?

An outstanding customer experience, every time, all the time.

Can I sell “limited quantity/one of a kind” items on Local Goodness Marketplace?

Absolutely! Local Goodness just needs to know so they can use this to create extra customer excitement about these unique opportunities.

How many supplier partners will be in a given product category?

That depends. It depends on the breadth of the category, the variety of products and their uniqueness, and regional considerations based on the type of product and shipping costs.

How does the customer receive their products after they order?

When a customer places an order, Local Goodness will automatically send a notification to each supplier partner on the order. The respective supplier partner will then be responsible for shipping their respective product(s) to the customer as per the chosen shipping option. 

Who decides the shipping method on each order?

Each supplier partner determines the options made available to customers for their products. The customer then can choose among those options when they place their order.

Do I have to process and ship orders every day?

No. As long as shipping days are clearly specified for customer on the product page. Local Goodness does encourage supplier partners to ship every day to help deliver an outstanding customer experience.

Will orders be accepted that require shipping outside the U.S.?

Not at this time.

Will orders be accepted that require shipping to Alaska and/or Hawaii?

That’s up to each individual supplier partner.

Who pays for shipping?

The customer. Supplier partners may choose to help offset shipping costs or offer “Free Shipping” as a marketing tool, but this is not necessary.

What happens if a consumer wants to return a product?

We want customers to be completely happy with all of their purchases from Local Goodness.  If for any reason a customer is not happy, we offer a 30-day return policy on most purchases (please see our Return Policy for details and information on specific products that are not returnable). We do not refund shipping and return shipping costs is the customer's responsibility.  

In instances where the product return was created as a result of negligence by the parcel delivery company, that issue will be taken up by Local Goodness as necessary and any recovered costs will be credited to the supplier partner.

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