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Local Goodness for Kids

  1. Local Goodness for Kids

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    The whole season is ahead of us, so now is a great time to help establish a new relationship between your kids and the food they eat!  See  below for our  kid created and approved recipes!!

    When kids learn where their food comes from, how it’s grown, who grows it, and they have a hand in picking it out and preparing it, they are much more likely to try it AND LIKE IT!

    So, this summer get your kids more involved in the family’s food decisions…at the source.  This can be simply at the grocery store, but it’s more impactful if you take them to a farmers market, a farm store, and (if possible) directly to the farm where you can tour and pick your own fruits and veggies.

    Here are some tips:

    1. let them pick out something new to try from the market

    2. have them talk to the farmers about the different fruits and vegetables that they grow…and what they like, how they like it prepared, etc.  They are more easily influenced by someone other than their parents to try new things!

    3. don’t miss the other items at the markets like local cheese, honey, breads, etc.  There are WAY MORE than just fruits and vegetables to try!

    4. have them help find recipes that use the new item (or help create an “original” recipe)

    5. get them in the kitchen!! Have them lend a helping hand in preparing their new food (age appropriately)

    6. healthy items can be added to familiar foods so they are not scary…and even sometimes fun

    – add spinach to make Green Eggs and Ham Wraps for breakfast;

    – chop up all sorts of veggies and add to Summertime Chop Chop Pasta;

    – instead of sugary jelly make fresh fruit purees for the standard PB&J;

    – makeSpinach Hummus and serve with wavy veggie “chips” (Morgan made this one on the show)

    7. start out slow if necessary…they’ll eventually get more adventurous!