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U-Pick! Cherries & Blueberries for the 4th

  1. U-Pick! Cherries & Blueberries for the 4th

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    u-pick blueberries

    To thoroughly enjoy the freshest fruit (and vegetables, for that matter) of the season, head to a U-Pick farm where you can pick your own in any quantity.  It’s a Local Goodness experience you shouldn’t miss and the Fourth of July holiday is prime time for these two summer treats…cherries and blueberries.

    On today’s Pittsburgh Today Live, we cook up a classic French dessert, Blueberry-Cherry Clafoutis, using sweet cherries and blueberries at their peak.  Try this dish with upcoming raspberries, blackberries and any stone fruit later this summer (peaches, plums, etc.).  Served warm or cold, it’s a delicious dessert or breakfast dish.

    When going to a U-Pick farm, here are some important tips:

    1. Call ahead to make sure the items you want to pick are ready for harvest (and they still have crops left for picking) and to check their hours and payment policies (some only accept cash).

    2. Wear comfy clothes and shoes that are appropriate for the weather.

    3. Bring a cooler to keep your items cool on the way home.

    4. This is a great outing for the whole family…nothing gets kids (and other picky eaters) wanting to munch on fresh fruits and veggies than spending time on a farm picking their own stash of healthy goodies.

    5. Make a day of it.

    6. Find out other things to do in the area, for example: if you’re going to pick cherries up in North East, PA, make plans to spend the rest of the day on the beaches of Presque Isle.


    To find U-Pick farms, click here.