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Farm Fresh….cocktails! With the Guru, the Goddess, & the Booze Babes!

  1. Farm Fresh….cocktails! With the Guru, the Goddess, & the Booze Babes!

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    Watch the Local Goodness (Goddess) segment with the Booze Babes from Salt of the Earth!!

    PART 1

    PART 2

    Check out Doug Oster’s (Garden Guru) Segment on Planting a Cocktail Garden!


    There’s no reason why farm-fresh products need to be found only on the dinner table…fresh herbs, fruit, berries and veggies make their way into some of the season’s best cocktails!  In the summer 2011 issue of TABLE Magazine we challenged two of our region’s mixologists to create refreshing summer cocktails with fresh-from-the-farm ingredients and Pittsburgh’s own Boyd and Blair vodka — most recently rated the best vodka IN THE WORLD! Result….two FABULOUSLY refreshing drinks to enjoy all summer long!

    On today’s show, Maggie Meskey, one of our featured mixologists in the article, joins us with her colleague at Salt of the Earth, Summer Voelker, to talk about what inspires them during the seasons and share some of their “chefs-behind-the bar” secrets for stirring (or shaking) up great drinks.

    Why not visit a farmers’ market this weekend and grab some inspiration of your own this summer!

    And, try out the drinks created by our mixologists!

    Endless Summer Cocktail by Maggie Meskey of Salt

    Stitch in Thyme by Rob Hirst of Soba Lounge


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