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We birthed a “baby”…the NEW Local Goodness Marketplace

  1. We birthed a “baby”…the NEW Local Goodness Marketplace

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    Well, at least that’s what it’s felt like!  We are so excited about the “birth” of our new Local Goodness Marketplace, which happened at 4:00PM on Thursday, September 27.  Several months past due, but what a joy it is to see it live and bouncing around the Internet where you can buy local from family farms, small producers and independent artisans all across the country!

    And we are so delighted with our inaugural family of supplier partners, stretching from Virginia and Pennsylvania all the way to Hawaii!!  We’ll introduce you to all of them over the next few weeks…and others who will be joining us.  We want you to get to know these awesome people and their amazing products…all raised, produced and created locally and now available for delivery from their “home” to yours!

    So, welcome to the Local Goodness Marketplace where you can find and enjoy  all the best of all things local!   Contact us and let us know what you think!

  2. Preserving the Harvest…options beyond canning

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    Making Sauerkraut

    It’s that time of year.  Bountiful harvests, cooler weather and shorter daylight hours all trigger my nesting instinct.  I begin to gather (some say hoard) the last of the season’s produce hoping to make it through the winter months with shelves and fridge and freezer stocked full of picked-in-season produce.  But how to tackle the preservation of that bounty?  I admit I do love canning, but often the thought of the entire process is daunting.  Fortunately, there are other ways of preserving the harvest that are much more simple and far less time consuming (and some, like making fermented sauerkraut, are nostalgic and worth the wait) .  I joined Paul Guggenheimer on WESA’s Essential Pittsburgh to run through some of my favorites.

    You can listen HERE as well as find tips, some of my favorite resources and a few recipes to get you started.