All the Best of All Things Local


What:  All the best of all things local!

Our premise is simple.  We seek out the best products from local farms, small producers and independent artisans across our country and bring them to you.  When you shop the Local Goodness Marketplace, you are shopping local…you are buying from local family farms, small food producers, independent artists.

Why:  Our Purpose & History

Across our country we have an incredible wealth of passionate, talented and hard-working people creating remarkable products.  The goal of Local Goodness has always been to seek out, discover, enjoy and celebrate the fruits of their labor, tell their stories, share our finds and encourage others to do the same.

After seven years of promoting and raising awareness of these local heroes – in television, print and radio – we realized the need to create a solution to help move people from awareness to action.  We decided it was time for Local Goodness to evolve and bring you all the best of all things local in one easy and convenient online shop.

It may seem counterintuitive to “shop local” online, but our mission is to redefine the meaning of buying local.  It’s not just about shopping within a defined geography, but about supporting those small farmers, producers and artisans who are vital to their own local economies…wherever they may be…and not let geography limit where and from whom we buy.  The more we support and buy from them, the more we can strengthen their local communities … all across our great country.

Who:  A Local Family Business

A Midwest girl, born in Louisiana, raised in Missouri, and now living in Pennsylvania, I never forgot the joys of the incredibly bountiful Saturday farmers’ market in my Kansas City hometown.  “Local” was a given, and “seasonal” always met with great anticipation.  I missed these weekly excursions, seeing what was fresh from the fields, talking with farmers and taking their stories back home to the dinner table to accompany the food.  So, in 2006 I began seeking out these experiences where I now live — in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  My journey, which began as research for a cookbook in 2006, led to the creation of Local Goodness ®.  In 2007 I had the great opportunity to create, produce and host Local Goodness—Pittsburgh, a bi-weekly television segment on our local CBS affiliate’s morning show, Pittsburgh Today Live.  Local Goodness—Pittsburgh features local farms and recipes with their seasonal products.  The segment was so popular, we extended it into the holiday season to include local gift giving, featuring local artisans and small businesses.  I continued to showcase regional farms, producers and artisans as a guest contributor on television, on regular radio segments on Pittsburgh’s NPR Station and in my regular column in TABLE Magazine.

Seeking out all things local extends to my travels as well.  My husband and I have become the “go to” source for friends and colleagues who want to be in the know about locations we’ve traveled to across the country.  It was a natural evolution that we collaborated to create the Local Goodness Marketplace to connect viewers, listeners, readers and friends with all the best of all things local.

~Rhonda Schuldt — Founder, Local Goodness LLC

About Rhonda:

— More than two decades creating and executing strategies to address unmet and under-met needs (primarily in social services, education, healthcare, and technology)

— Fifteen years experience working in and advising start-up and early stage companies and initiatives

— President of The Synergos Group, LLC; a consulting practice formed in 1998 providing customer-focused business and strategic planning

— Working with local farms, producers and artisans to raise awareness of and access to local products since 2005:

— Print – Since 2006, contributor and feature columnist in regional food and lifestyle magazine

— Television – Since 2007, host regular segments on live regional television (CBS network affiliate)

— Radio – Since 2012, guest contributor on local NPR station

— Culinary expertise; cooking instructor, recipe developer, former restaurateur