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Eat Local

The Local Goodness Marketplace was created in 2013 to  connect the best products from local farms and artisan food producers for anyone looking for Real Food from Real People. 

We’ve been privileged to include in our Marketplace amazing farms, producers and artisans from across the country.  Our Marketplace is currently being rebuilt, but we still want you to connect with some of our favorite supplier partners who’ve been on our Marketplace over the years.  Most of them sell on their own websites or in other venues…out goal is to support them and connect them with consumers seeking quality, unique, and amazingly delicious locally raised and produced products.   If you do connect with them, let them know we sent you to get some of their Local Goodness!

Laurel Vista Farms- Pennsylvania

Laurel Vista farm is Ken & Rick’s place. It has been family-owned and operated for over 100 years. From its inception, Laurel Vista has been committed to farmland preservation. The land on which Laurel Vista now sits was in danger of being subdivided for residential development when Ken & Rick (and Marian & Rita) bought the farm they were determined to sustain its profitability as a farm rather see the land developed.  Their fresh produce is available in select Giant Eagle and Market District stores in Southwestern, PA.  Their “produce in a jar”, available on their website, preserves the harvest so you can enjoy their Local Goodness year-round.

Cherry Valley Organics – Pennsylvania

Cherry Valley Organics is owned and operated by Jodi Verbanic. Conceived in 2001, it has since grown into one of the premier producers of organic products in southwestern Pennsylvania.

Gold Creek Farms – Utah

100% Natural Artisan Cheeses made from the milk of our own Brown Swiss cows.

Alaska Pure Sea Salt Co. – Alaska

Wild Place – Pure Taste.  Handcrafted sea salt from pristine Alaskan waters, Alaska Pure is the first flake salt made in North America.   Made only from sea water with no additives or bleaching agents, the appearance of this salt is compared to freshly fallen snow.

Mis’ Rubin’s Seasonings – Alabama

In the early 1920’s, Rubin Hanan emigrated from Greece to pursue the American dream. He settled in the southern town of Montgomery, Alabama and opened a corner grocery store in 1935. Mr. Hanan ran a fine store with a focus on quality meats and customer satisfaction. His store was well received, but there was something in particular that was creating a buzz among the locals. All the talk wasn’t about Mr. Hanan or his choice cuts. The people were talking about his wife, Mis’ Rubin, as she was called, and her delicious seasonings. The popularity of Mis’ Rubin’s White and Black Magic spread throughout the region and the seasonings became kitchen essentials to many devoted customers. As the years passed, the recipes were handed down from one generation to the next. There’s been company transition over time, but the seasonings remain, and they’re as loved today as they were back then.  Mis’ Rubin’s seasonings are truly unique and praised by chefs, enjoyed by customers in every state.

Prantl’s Bakery – Pennsylvania

Prantl’s Bakery has been in continuous operation for more than 100 years. It’s Burnt Almond Torte is legendary!

Parma Sausage Products, Inc. – Pennsylvania

Family-owned and producing quality Italian meats since 1954 in Pittsburgh’s Historic Strip District.

LaDorita Dulce de Leche – Pennsylvania

La Dorita’s strength lies in its authenticity—it is an Argentine product produced locally with Pennsylvania and US grown products by, Josephine, an Argentine-American who soaked in her Grandma’s love for the kitchen as a child.

Big Island Coffee Roasters – Hawaii

Award winning coffee roasters, growers & processors; farmers, scientists & foodies who hunt for Hawaiian coffees from places you’ve never heard of, roast, and deliver the best of them to you.