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Field Trip — Telluride Festival of the Arts (including culinary arts!)

Field Trip — Telluride Festival of the Arts (including culinary arts!)

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Summer 2009 — Telluride, Colorado

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For me (and my family) out of town excursions are always enhanced by food.  But this year our end-of-summer Local Goodness adventure was actually planned around food.  We decided we should take our 8-year old son along with us to the mountains.  Making choices where to travel in this magnificent state can be difficult, with so much to do, see and experience.  The first half of our trip, however, was made easy because the Telluride Festival of the Arts (including culinary arts!) was the impetus for this trip.  Although both my husband and I had traveled to Colorado many times, I had never been to Telluride or the surrounding area.  What a beautiful place to experience in the summertime!  But as I said, the food was what brought us here…and it was incredible!  The art and food festival was a wonderfully contained event in Mountain Village, a gondola ride up from Telluride.  We watched cooking demonstrations by local chefs, met local artists (and Sophie the dog), and capped the experience with the main event  — an incredible evening eating and drinking our way around Mountain Village, indulging on sumptuous treats from area restaurants.  In Telluride and throughout our entire trip we visited local farmers’ markets, farm stands and enjoyed a bounty of treats — grass fed beef, artisan cheeses from grass fed Jersey cows, loads of organic goodies, fresh roasted peppers, red and green okra, and Poona (a native American cucumber). We cooked trout stream-side, ate Navajo tacos in Mesa Verde, drank micro-brewed beer at the highest brew pub in the United States, and noshed on local cheeses and jerky in Rocky Mountain National Park. Our decision to go to the mountains…in search of food…was rewarded greatly.  If possible, we’ll plan to go back for the Telluride Festival of the Arts very soon and once again, eat our way around the state.

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