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Laurel Vista Farms, Somerset, PA (Part II)

Laurel Vista Farms, Somerset, PA (Part II)

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Try our…Sweet Onion & Potato Soup and Marian’s Potato Pancakes

I’m a HUGE potato fan. Well, for that matter I’m an equally huge onion fan. There is nothing that tastes better than potatoes and onions freshly dug from the ground.  So this time of year is one of my favorites – when Pennsylvania potatoes and sweet onions are unearthed from their fields and make their way to our markets…and eventually my table.

In Somerset County in the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania, the bitter cold winters prepare the land for perfect potato growing conditions. And although Pennsylvania is one of the largest potato growing states for chip potatoes, the folks at Laurel Vista Farms have transitioned from decades of chip potatoes to growing absolutely delicious red, white and Yukon Gold table potatoes, best enjoyed this time of year. Potatoes fresh from the farm–there is nothing that tastes better! Try them and you’ll learn how potatoes are REALLY supposed to taste!

In addition to the incredible potatoes they grow amazingly sweet Somerset SweetsTM onions. Once you’ve tasted sweet onions grown in Pennsylvania, and particularly Somerset Sweets, you’ll never go back to Vidalias! Especially given that these are grown right in our own state and travel less than 100 miles to our stores. They’re so sweet that Rick of Laurel Vista Farms even bites into them and eats them like apples!

Laurel Vista Somerset Sweets onions and Somerset Spuds can be found in select Giant Eagle and their Market District Stores, as well as McGinnis Sisters stores. If you don’t see them, as the produce manager to give them a call to get their farm-fresh products in a store near you!

Learn more about Laurel Vista Farms at

Laurel Vista Farms
1665 Coxes Creek Road
Somerset, PA 15501

Phone: 814-443-2415 or 814-443-1112

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