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Time to Preserve the Harvest-before it’s too late

Time to Preserve the Harvest-before it’s too late

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Watch today’s Local Goodness segment HERE.

Peaches and tomatoes are still aplenty at farm stands and farmers’ markets….but not for long!  Stock up and use two simple preservation techniques to have these farm-fresh, local ingredients available until there back next year.  Check out McConnells’ Farm for the best peaches ANYWHERE!

Water bath canning and freezing are two methods perfect for these summer fruits (yes, botanically tomato is a fruit!).

On today’s Local Goodness segment we gave you a sneak peek at these two techniques. To delve further into these and other preservation methods, join me at the Market District Cooking School on Sept 13 and 20 for my “Preserving the Harvest” classes.  Come to one or both…each will be different, but will show you a variety of methods for preserving seasonal ingredients to enjoy during the cold months ahead.



Water Bath Canning Method — How-to

Canned Farm-fresh Peaches in Light Syrup

Raw-Packed Canned Farm-fresh Tomatoes


For Peaches visit McConnells’ Farm

For Tomatoes visit Dillner Family Farm

USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning

University of Missouri – Guide to Freezing Fruit

University of Missouri – Guide to Freezing Vegetables


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